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Annual MUPolo Pub Golf Tournament

May 25, 2012
7:30 pmto11:30 pm
7:30 pmto11:30 pm

This year the MUPolo Pub Golf Tournament will be held on Friday the 25th of May with the round officially teeing off at 7:30pm at the Queensberry Hotel and kicking well onto the evening. So dig out your golfing attire and warm up your drinking arm for what is sure to be a great night!

List of pubs we will be visiting and times:

  1. 7:30pm Queensberry Hotel
  2. 8:20pm Prince Alfred Hotel
  3. 9:30pm The Clyde Hotel
  4. 10:50pm Pugg Mahones

And so you are fully prepared to the evening make sure you have a read over the Rules:

  1. Each player must choose & consume ONE drink in each pub/club/hotel. Points are only scored for this ONE drink (except where penalties apply).
  2. The winner shall be the player with the LEAST NUMBER OF POINTS at the end of the ninth hole.
  3. Drinking is considered finishing a drink in one, two, or three, etc. swallows. A drink involves placing the glass to your mouth, tipping, & swallowing. You may not place the glass to your mouth & stop the tipping or swallowing motion – that’s cheating. See penalties below.
  4. A referee is appointed for each game. The referee is timekeeper, judge, & the final decision-maker in all disputes. The referees’ decision is final.
  5. Competitors are allowed 30 minutes to complete each hole. Failure to complete your drink in this time is covered in the penalties below. Should time be running out the referee may further limit the time allowed at each hole.
  6. Each player is responsible for maintaining their own scorecard. At the start of the match competitors are allocated partners with whom they will play the round. It is each player’s responsibility to ensure their partner’s score is correctly kept. In addition, at each hole players must declare their score to the referee who is responsible for maintaining the leader board. Fudging yours or your partner’s scorecards is cheating – penalties will be strictly enforced.
  7. All points are scored based on full strength (4.5 – 5.5 %) & full sized 550ml beers/ciders.

We will be meeting at the Queensberry from 6:30pm for dinner, with tee off at 7:30pm. Hope to see you all there!

Check out the facebook event page for more information!

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